16,000 vehicles a day

More than 100,000 vehicle movements through our rural village every week - +25% since 2005

400+ HGVs daily

50% of the number using the A505, despite the A10 being 'de-trunked' in the early 2000s

2nd highest pollution

of all South Cambridgeshire's monitored sites - and the only one to get continuously worse since 2012

Harston is the only village in South Cambridgeshire on a major route without a bypass.  Traffic and pollution levels in Harston are already unacceptable – and they’re growing. When not at a standstill during rush hour, belching out pollution next to our homes, primary school and businesses, we have to contend with speeding, littering from vehicles, and verges churned to mud through inconsiderate parking. 

But it’s going to get much, much worse: published National Forecasts for the East of England predict 40% traffic growth across the wider Cambridge sub-region out to 2031.

A10 congestion through Harston drives frustrated motorists through nearby villages such as Newton and Shelford. Residents at Hauxton already struggle to leave their village during peak periods.

What we want

A reduction of traffic and dangerous driving through Harston could be achieved by one or more of the following:

A Harston bypass

Harston residents have been asking for a bypass since the 1960s. With traffic volumes significantly higher now and growing, we think a Harston bypass is an idea whose time has come

A ban on HGVs

The A505/M11 is meant to be the trunk road, carrying haulage vehicles north from Royston. But poor signage and a more direct route means that lorries travel up the A10 with nearly the same frequency as they do on the A505

Speed cameras

Despite numerous serious speed-related accidents, particularly at the southerly s-bend, there is no enforcement of the supposed 30mph speed limit. New metal bollards have twice been knocked down since their introduction in 2017.

‘Smart’ road

Smart road signals – the ability to change the parameters according to the time of day or conditions – could give us a 20 mph zone during school run hours and faster flow when safe to do so.