Bollards to the A10 through Harston village!

Bollards are no match for A10 traffic through HarstonHow would you feel if a car ploughed into your home as you and your young family slept? Pretty unhappy, I’d bet! But that’s what happened to a family in Harston in August 2016 when a Range Rover lost control on the notorious s-bend between Harston High Street and Royston Road. And the hits just keep coming! Mere weeks after a series of new metal bollards were installed at the scene of the crash, one was hit and knocked out of the ground. Months later and it has yet to be replaced, leaving nearby residents and their homes vulnerable. Bollard in Harston And now one of the new timber bollards installed alongside the new cyclepath has also been struck with enough force to dislodge it. How long until it’s a person, not a bollard?  

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