The A10 is killing Harston


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16,000 vehicles per day through a small rural village. Some of the worst pollution in South Cambridgeshire. Find out how traffic is killing Harston.

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Hauxon Park & Ride

The Greater Cambridge Partnership wants to build a huge Park & Ride at Hauxton on green belt land. We believe this would be a disaster for Harston.

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Public transport

Infrequent, dirty, expensive and slow – no wonder that bus use is declining. Planned public transport schemes do nothing to improve things in Harston.

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Foxton Level Crossing

The Greater Cambridge Partnership plans to bypass Foxton level crossing. If it does, Harston will lose the breaks in traffic the barriers currently afford.

Harston needs a bypass. Help us get our village back.


Harston Traffic Campaign is part of Harston Residents' Group (HRG)
Too many cars. Not enough buses. No train station.

Founded in 2014, HRG is run entirely voluntarily by local people for the benefit of the community. In late 2016, concerned residents got together to discuss cuts to the 26 Cambridge-Royston off-peak bus service. The resulting campaign, which successfully returned the service to hourly, drew many new residents to the re-established monthly meetings. In October 2017, we ran a Community Development Day to discover what issues matter to Harston residents. Dozens of people left more than 50 comments relating to Harston's worsening traffic, declining bus service, and concerns for their safety, health and quality of life. So-called transport improvement plans by the Greater Cambridge Partnership will further damage rather than benefit Harston.

  • vehicles/day through a rural village

  • HGVs past our homes and school

  • of all South Cambs monitored sites

  • no evening or Sunday service

Residents' comments

Real comments from Harston residents, gathered at a Community Development Day

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